‘The Healing’ Book Review

‘The Healing’ is a debut novel written by Joy Margetts, published by instant apostle. 

As a blogger writing about Faithful Steps, I was delighted to write a review about ‘The Healing’. The story guides the reader through the journey of a man taking his faithful steps along a path of life changing experiences and events. It is a captivating and inspiring story, and one that I could not help feeling part of as I walked with the characters through each step taken towards restoration. I was truly blessed by this book. 

‘Make God the utmost delight and pleasure of your life, and he will provide for you what you desire the most. Give God the right to direct your life, and as you trust him along the way you’ll find he pulled it off perfectly!’ Psalm 37:4-5 TPT

Scriptures like this one are beautifully incorporated into the book, given its own place, bringing together the end of each chapter. 

‘The Healing’ is an engaging historical fiction, with accounts of true events and real people, one being Philip de Braose, a nobleman. The story comes to life after Philip works as a soldier, but then becomes injured and suddenly finds himself amongst Cistercian monks in France. One monk named Brother Hywel has great influence on Philip’s life and I could not help but instantly warm to his character. 

The author gently and beautifully waters the characters of Philip and Hywel until they become rooted and celebrated within the reader’s heart. 

As the two journey together from France to Wales, each part of the journey adds to Philip’s healing and spiritual growth. Right from the beginning, the story brings about a wonderful opportunity for a man of God to patiently walk another man from despair towards the light of God. This occurs through a growing companionship and a connection through God’s own creation in nature and their horses. 

If you are a reader who is not drawn to historical books or novels, I can promise you that any preconceptions of doubt will be buried as soon as you start to ingest the very first chapter of ‘The Healing’.

When I began reading, I was immediately struck by Joy’s honesty in the historical note. This showed the humility of the author, an insight into the person behind the story and the truth that seeps through each page. It is clear that life experience envelopes the pages. I just love how, although a book of historical fiction, it is written from truth and of the author’s own experience of healing and restoration. You can discover more about The Story Behind The Healing here. Not only is this book written in truth from a personal experience, but in truth straight from God. 

It is written with such clarity and description. The more I read, the more I truly felt part of this story. I was immediately drawn into the characters, especially Hywel. I just loved the warmth and humility that came through in him, and his wisdom is infectious. With the turn of each page, I was waiting expectantly, as was Philip, to hear what nugget of wisdom Hywel was about to pour out to his friend. I particularly enjoyed how cleverly Hywel puts a light on thankfulness, with subtle humour during the early stages of his companionship with Philip.

‘The Healing’, gives a wonderful insight into one man, walking closely with another, discipling and investing time in a relationship and the unfolding beauty within it. It became an admiring picture of worship through serving. 

‘Every time we help someone else in Christ’s name, especially when it inconveniences us, it is an act of worship. Every time we give our time, strength and minds to doing the things that God wants us to do, rather than doing what we would prefer to do, that is our sacrifice of praise to Him’ The Healing, Joy Margetts (2021)

The story is gently and gracefully convicting as I reflect on my own walk with the Lord. It will surely touch your spirit, and a box of tissues at hand would be recommended as the story unfolds!

Not only will you discover a story of remarkable restoration, ‘The Healing’ is a powerful book that has potential to restore you to a place of renewel and contemplation. It reveals how redemption comes from forgiveness, and the truth of this overflows the pages.

‘The Healing’ is a book that you will, without doubt carry in your heart and mind and will want to share with many.

Joy Margetts – Author of ‘The Healing’

‘I have always liked expressing myself creatively with words; writing stories, poetry and songs, and journaling extensively as part of my devotional life. I have always wanted to write a book, and have had many ideas over the years, but I have never before been brave enough to write for others. I love study, and teaching, and most especially I love the Word of God.’ Joy Margetts

You can buy a signed copy of the book from Joy at joymargetts.com

You can also visit Joy’s Facebook page here

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