Forgiveness is

Forgiveness is…..

About seeing things from the perspective of another,

Taking a step towards healing and battling through the hurt and bitterness even if your feelings are telling you otherwise,

Remembering and trusting God’s plans are for good and He is fulfilling His plans in ways we don’t always see or understand,

Forgiveness is remembering that God made us all, He made us in His image,

Forgiveness is taking yourself out of the situation and replacing your situation with Jesus Christ as your Saviour,

Forgiveness is allowing a blanket of God’s grace and peace to flow over you until you see his light cover the darkness,

Forgiveness is when darkness flees,

Forgiveness is when you forgive a person and see that they are being the best person they can be in the circumstances they have been through, are going through, and are dealing with in their lives,

Forgiveness is a time when your heart is open and you are set free,

Forgiveness is when you let God’s love flow through you and on to others,

Forgiveness is when Jesus Christ died on the cross and saved us,


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