person holding a green plant

As your children grow

As your children grow,  

Pour your light into their hearts and minds, 

Turn their hearts towards you, 

As you say in your word, ‘Let the little children come.’ 

As your children grow, let the fruits of the spirit overflow, 

Grow them as a good tree would grow, 

As your children grow let us be intentional about teaching them your words, 

Praying that their hearts would thirst and hunger to walk closely with you, 

That they would come to you in honesty through prayer, and grow to know the one who plans out the path of their lives, 

As your children grow, I pray that they would seek your will, growing in wisdom through the foundations that you build, 

Keep them strong, following steps of the good, and keep them listening to you,  

Lord let us all be like little children and come closer to you, 

As your children grow. 

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