Why I Don’t Want to Forget 2020

The jigsaw above reminds me of how I felt many times during the past year, but I still don’t want to forget 2020. So many pieces scattered in various places around the broken picture.

When we start a New Year, we have a picture of what we envision the year to look like. In the same way, a child will envision what they might like to ‘be’ when they grow up. I remember my dream job was always to be a wildlife photographer. I would picture myself in Africa, the Masai Mara, studying the African Bush Elephants, Cheetahs and lions in wonder. Photographing their beauty, and revealing their most natural behaviours.

I wonder how often that the year we picture ahead of ourselves actually looks like the same picture at the end of it. I’m looking forward to getting my planner out and prayerfully setting my goals and organising for the year ahead. It’s exciting, but I still don’t want to forget 2020.

The Broken Jigsaw

Putting a jigsaw together reminds me a little of patience and perseverance. There are times when we try and rush through, get frustrated, then lose our motivation and vision for the end result. We end up not far off from where we left off. When we take one piece at a time and thoughtfully find the right place to fill that space, it is far more satisfying.

The jigsaw is a picture of the way I feel about myself in 2020. Quite a few pieces have been pulled out and scattered around losing their place.

What I’ve come to see is that bit by bit through all the messy parts of 2020, God has graciously, lovingly and compassionately taken each piece of the jigsaw that was pulled out and scattered. He has then placed the pieces so perfectly back to where they came from. The difference about the pieces this time is that they are much stronger, and much more refined.

I don’t want to forget about 2020. Not because I haven’t struggled, not because I’ve adapted to the changes easily, not because I haven’t been in a heap on the floor in breakdown, but because I want to hold onto the way that God has spiritually changed me through it all.

God has strengthened my marriage and grown my relationship with my children.

Renewed my spirit and shown me that when we trust in Him and step out in faith we will see Him even more clearly.

Gods hasn’t given up on me, even when I’ve hidden from Him.

Taken me by the hand and revealed himself to me in the most profound way I have ever experienced.

Held the big pile of broken pieces in His hands and put them back together again.

Been faithful through everything.

He has shown me that He is the king and the only one to fear.

The Father that longs for us to seek Him

My wonderful councillor, and perfect redeemer.

That’s why I don’t want to forget 2020.

We shouldn’t dwell on the past, but we should keep hold of what the Lord has been teaching us, continuing to give Him the praise and glory. Remembering what he has taught us and what motivates us to keep pressing on.

‘We shouldn’t dwell on the past, but we should keep hold of what the Lord has been teaching us, continuing to give Him the praise and glory.’

Psalm 147:1

Praise the Lord.

How good it is to sing praises to our God,
how pleasant and fitting to praise him!

The Finished Jigsaw!

The finished jigsaw


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