A Gift that Lasts Forever

A Gift that Lasts Forever

After all the excitement on Christmas Day I thought the children might wake up a little later on Boxing Day. It didn’t quite work out the way I’d hoped! It didn’t really matter though, the excitement seemed to continue on in their little hearts as they quite happily played with their new toys. I stayed in bed a while longer.

My daughter loves craft. Anything creative, especially the type of craft that will get her hands messy. This morning she chose something a little less messy. I was grateful, especially as I wasn’t there to supervise. After a short while I heard her coming up the stairs to our bedroom. I remember her shining face, smiling with pride as she held a beautiful brightly coloured bunch of flowers in her hand. She had lovingly crafted them for me. Her way of showing love that morning.

I put them on my bedside table and she cuddled up with me in bed. It wasn’t long before my cuddling time was up and it was time for me to move. What a wonderful way that day had already begun!

As I got ready for the day ahead, I looked at the flowers my daughter had so lovingly brought me. There was something more to the brightness of those flowers than I had first thought. They were a gift that would last forever. As soon as I heard those words on my heart, my mind went to the cross, to Jesus. The precious gift that we receive when we make a commitment to the Lord. The gift of salvation.

My little girl blessed me so much. The Holy Spirit used her gift of love through the flowers to not just show the love she has for me, but to remind me of the precious gift we have in Jesus. The gift that lasts forever. The sacrifice made for all those who believe, those who choose to have faith in Jesus and walk in His ways.

I am so thankful for the love that God put into my child’s heart that morning. It’s a sweet reminder of the joy we can have when we give back to others what He gave to us.

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