Just keep going

What can I do? I say to myself in the quiet stillness as I hold my hands in my head. What can I do? I hear the words, just….keep…..going. Priorities flash before my eyes. My little children, precious little children. My beautiful family. My strong minded husband who keeps me going when I can’t see the light through the one step forward two steps back. I fight through the brambles, the thorns, the tangled mess that try to block my vision of where I should be stepping forward into, just……keep……going.

Press on towards the goal. Keep returning to the vision, the reason for moving forward. What can I do? Helpless, empty and frozen in my thoughts, I must keep going. I lift up my eyes to the hills. I reach out, I see, I know that now, I can keep going. I can make a difference. I can move forward. Bring my children up in this world, to be strong, to be focused, to be faithful and to laugh. No matter how tough, no matter what arrows come our way, the Lord’s shield will be our refuge. He will – keep….us…..going…..

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