Mary Mother of Jesus – Part 1 An extraordinary Journey of Faith in Motherhood

Faith, Humility and Courage

Mary, mother of Jesus, truly was a faithful servant of the Lord. This is clear in scripture. Her journey describes her role as an ordinary mother in nature, and her extraordinary spiritual walk with the Lord. The bible highlights her elegance and grace. There is undoubtedly pure joy in the Lord that saturates the scriptures when she speaks of Him. Even during hardship in Mary’s life she continues to walk through it with outstanding courage and faith.

The story of Mary, mother of Jesus, reached my heart in a new way this year. When we hear the same stories in the bible frequently, we can become complacent. We can think that we don’t really need to give it much more attention than we usually do. When in fact, there is always much more to dig into.

I cannot help but admire such a faithful mother as Mary was. Her humility in her responses to the situations she faced. She was in her home town, Nazareth, part of Galilee when angel Gabriel appeared. He gave her a message from the Lord. She was not expecting anything like this to occur. To her, it would likely have been just a normal day like any other until this event happened. Her humility is clearly highlighted in her response to angel Gabriel. She was greatly troubled by what was said to her.

I think about how Mary would have felt about the prospect of Joseph knowing that he wasn’t the father. How would she ever explain her situation? A virgin bearing a child. Thankfully, with God, she didn’t need to worry about this. Joseph, being a righteous man did not want to expose Mary to public disgrace. All became clear to Joseph through the angel of the Lord in his dream. He was just as faithful in his response to the Lord as Mary was.

Mary had a divine encounter that we will never experience, she is like no other in that sense, she actually carried the Son of God, the Messiah. On one hand she was living to peruse her maternal longing for her son, and on the other hand, acknowledging and understanding that her son was Lord of all. 

It is clear, that at such a young age as Mary is thought to have been, she already had great faith. The outstanding response to angel Gabriel, is one of the many ways that her faith is delivered through the scriptures. Her obedient heart, undoubtedly expresses her favour with God, immediately affirming herself as the Lord’s servant and accepting without any form of hesitation, the calling and blessing from the Lord. Mary’s wisdom gives sight to her fear of the Lord. 

Glory and Praise

Mary is said to ‘hurry’ to Zachariah’s home, in Judea. She meets with her relative Elizabeth, after having heard that she too is going to have a child. Excitement is ready to burst out of her heart. There is a sense of urgency. This is to me a beautiful picture of two sisters in Christ sharing an amazing revelation from God. It is a time of giving praise and glory to God. They share a wonderful divine and prophetic time together.

At this point we hear of the Magnificat, the hyme of praise. The song in Mary’s heart that is filled with God’s words, praises and glory. This song gives insight into Mary’s dedication to her meditations in the word and her time with the Lord.

As a mother myself, I can’t help but think about how Mary must have felt in the events following.  Not only giving birth to Jesus, but having to give birth to her son at the Inn. Then, being told by Joseph in the middle of the night that they must escape to Egypt because the King wants to search for their child and kill him. Just the emotional, physical and spiritual impact in having a baby is a huge experience alone, and now this! Like most loving parents, they would have done anything to protect their baby from harm, let alone the son of God! They would have also known with deep conviction that when God spoke, they were to do exactly what was being told of them. Without delay they did as God said. Mary and Joseph’s actions show their obedience, and trusting and faithful hearts. 

Digging deeper into the story of Mary, mother of Jesus and a faithful servant of the Lord, exposes the mix of both divine intervention in her life, and her earthly walk. She expresses maternal concerns and anxieties just as we do as mothers. Angel Gabriel tells Mary that she is highly favored, before knowing that she was to carry the son of God, revealing to her that he is always protecting and watching over her. He was with her. He knew her heart. This can bring us comfort and encouragement, because he is also always watching over us, with us and he knows our hearts too. 

God will always be waiting for us to call on him both during times of distress, and times of praise and glory, just as Mary did in her beautiful, scripture filled hyme. If we take time to be still, hearing the spirit, and meditating on his words, we can shout out in praise and glory and thankfulness for all he is doing in our journey in motherhood. 

In part 2, we will move forward in the story of Mary, mother of Jesus and explore the time when Jesus is a teenager. We will also dig deeper into the relationship Mary had with her son during his ministry. Moving on to when she hears his final words said to her personally as he is led to the time of His crucifixion.

This blog post relates to the scripture given in Matthew chapter 1 and 2, and Luke chapter 1 and 2, from the NIV bible. 

I’ll leave you with a piece of my daughters art work ❤️

2 thoughts on “Mary Mother of Jesus – Part 1 An extraordinary Journey of Faith in Motherhood

  1. Wonderful!!! Beautifully written, inspiring….
    So glad to see you back writing your thoughts down and sharing them with us!!!
    Welcome back Fran ❤️


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