See the Beauty that Surrounds You


Ok, so this morning the rain is heavy, it’s not exactly a morning that is encouraging me to jump out of bed and  I’m convinced it’s the reason why my daughter woke up so early.

The wind is strong, it’s dark and it’s definitely one of those days where I would rather get all the blankets and cuddle up with my family on the sofa with a film than go outside, even the umbrellas don’t suffice when it’s this wet and windy.

But, this morning, I was taken back to the words that were on my heart last Autumn.

‘See the beauty that surrounds you.’

What a focus for the day! Our perception of beauty varies from person to person, but the beauty that surrounds us in what God has created is undeniable and His beauty always stays the same. His beauty shouts out from the tops of the mountains, from the crashing of the waves in the sea, from the array of deep shades of colours as the sun sets and the wonderful reminder of God’s promise in his rainbow. There is no doubt that His beauty and His glory is so evident when we looks at what he has created.

So even though we might look out of the window this morning and all looks grey, we can remember that God’s beauty will always stay the same, God’s beauty will always surround us and you can always look around and see His beauty that surrounds you. 

Psalm 19:1

The heavens declare the glory of God;
the skies proclaim the work of his hands.

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