Bind us in LOVE


This morning I was driving home after taking the kids to nursery – following a conversation with a friend – I pray. I have a sudden urgency to begin my prayer not just with thankfulness for the sacrifice made for us, but, to put some force behind my prayer and in a loud, conscious, RAISED voice, say exactly what that sacrifice was! Saying these words aloud, partnered with a vision in my head of Jesus on the cross drew me into the reality of who we are in Christ, or who we should be……


The more I hear my raised voice speaking of this truth, the more passion that is emphasised in my prayer. Not because I like the sound of my own voice! It’s the words I am saying that lead me to express my prayer with even more passion and, well, frustration really – because when you understand and deeply feel in your heart what Jesus has done for you – you can’t help but want to do more to please God. When you understand the sacrifice that has been made – you can’t help but think about all the conversations and things that we do and talk about that to us seem important at the time – and yes, they obviously can be, in that they effect the circumstances in our lives – but really, it only matters if it’s God that is working in those circumstances.


Let’s just say for example, two friends fall out – they argue about something that may seem like a ‘big’ issue in their lives, one is more opinionated than the other, one is proud, the other is lacking in the ability to show affection – you see the pattern – there is something very BIG that seems to be missing here. Forgiveness, grace, understanding, love, the ability to communicate and lower one’s pride. All of the things that we can receive from our father in heaven. You see, without God, I just can’t see how we can be united – God brings us together, gels us, glues us, binds us, knits us – just like he did in our mothers womb (Psalm 139:13). We don’t need to seek worldly things to make us ‘feel’ better, we don’t need to crave love and affection from others, we don’t need to argue with our friends or our loved ones, we just need God in our lives. He will unite our families, our relationships, our friendships, but we need to learn that we must be willing to reach out, willing to make ourselves vulnerable, willing to take a step out of ‘our world’ and picture where we are placed, in the middle of the universe on this amazing planet that God has created doing whatever it is that we are led to do. How ridiculously incredible is that!!?
We now have a choice, yes, we do have a choice – but will we be making that choice with or without God in the forefront of our minds?

4 thoughts on “Bind us in LOVE

  1. Boldness in prayer – how I love it. And praying for friendships. I often ponder the gift of Hebrews 4:16. Thank you for this post – I’ve been praying especially hard for a certain friend. I’m encouraged to keep on praying.


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