Patience and Perseverance

22. Oct, 2016

An hour and a half of patience and persevering……

I’ve just picked up the kids from nursery, didn’t get the chance to put the reins on my boy, and in a flash he is gone! There it begins………… but let’s try and keep calm in the situations we are faced with in the reality of crazy times in motherhood (and fatherhood). Let’s persevere.


We’ve just got home, my son starts screaming in the car because he wants to see Sammy cat but I am still parking in the drive so can’t just open the door and let him out. I must just calmly explain that I am still driving and he has to be patient and wait, the screams continue……. Let’s persevere.
I’ve just walked through the front door, my son starts to cry when I go back out to the car to collect the bags, he wants me to watch him roll around on the floor, in the mean time my daughter runs outside, I run out to get her and my son starts crying again because I’ve stopped watching him roll around on the floor……. Deep breath, patience, let’s persevere.
We reach the kitchen, play doh, that will be fun, I thought. Drinks, snacks and play doh. Ahhh, a sign of relief that we are home and beginning to settle……. The perseverance is paying off……….
What’s that smell???
Ok, my daughter needs her nappy changed, that’s simple enough!
My son wants to make a castle with me, I must change my daughters nappy first. That was the wrong answer. I pick up my daughter to carry her to the bedroom, leaving my son having a tantrum in the kitchen. I forget the nappy mat, take off her nappy, it’s all over her back, and now on the floor. I manage, and I clean up the mess. During this time, my son is rolling around on the floor in the hall with the clean throw I’ve just placed on the banister. That’s fine, that is until my daughter gets up and walks out into the hall and wee’s all over it, hadn’t got around to putting on the pull up…… Let’s persevere.
I’m cleaning up the mess, turn around, my son is on the kitchen table and has my mug of (thankfully lukewarm) tea in his hand, he starts to crawl off the table spilling it everywhere. I’m losing my patience and tell him off for being on the table. He starts wailing. I move to the hall to clean up the wee that’s gone through the throw onto the carpet. My son comes out and says, ‘oh no’ mummy’ pointing at my dress. I look down to see poo smeared all over my dress.
I look at my sons face, his beautiful, innocent (most of the time) little face, waiting for my response, his big blue eyes looking up at me in anticipation and I just laugh,and he laughs, and we are both just looking at each other laughing at the sight of what’s happened….. Let’s persevere!
Love……It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres…..
(1 Corinthians 13 v 7)

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