Be Gentle


Be gentle.

These are the words I keep receiving whenever I start to lose my patience and I can feel myself bubbling up inside!

These are the words that I sometimes battle with.

Be gentle in the volume and the tone of the voice.

A harsh sound improves nothing. It feeds negativity to the situation causing it to spiral out of control.

Be gentle.

You try.

You forget.

You hear his words.

It’s too late.

Before you know it, you’ve lost the battle.

The kids cry.



What did this tone, lack of patience and raised voice achieve?

What then?

A deep breath and try to untangle the knots in this heap of confusion?

Run away to the nearest hiding place to hear his words speak?

Cry out for help.


Restore your mind with his words.


Be gentle.

6 thoughts on “Be Gentle

  1. This is so relatable! Even if I manage to stay gentle on the exterior, the hard days grate on my strength. Often, I feel frustrated and terrible even if I have been patient with the cat and child!


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